Sunday, 18 August 2013


Madridistas, welcome to the 2013/14 season!!!!!!! 
Our first match in the beautiful Bernabeu was against Real Betis...
It was by no means an easy match, with some people already feeling uneasy when Ancelotti's line up was announced with: Diego López, Pepe, Ramos, Khedira, Ronaldo, Benzema, Özil, Marcelo, Carvajal, Modric, Isco starting and then on the bench: Casillas, Kaká, Casemiro, Arbeloa, Nacho, Morata, Di María. I think you can already imagine the things said about the choice of goal keeper by some fans but to me we are extremely lucky to have a team with two amazing goal keepers.

We saw a quick shot of Cristiano Ronaldo (who also played his 200th match for Madrid) being a great daddy and waving to his mother Dolores and his adorable son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr! Look at little Jnr waving back at daddy!

The game got off to a rocky start with Betis being the first at the 14th minute with a goal from Molina. Betis constantly tested the Madrid defense which was quite simply not good enough, and it will be a huge relief when Varane recovers from injury.

However Karim Benzema equalized with a beautiful assist from newbie Isco and scored on the 26th minute mark. He had plenty of chances to score but he also had plenty of offside decisions ruled against him too (I think it was the ghost of Higuain)

Karim celebrating his goal
Half time arrived and the team did need a talking to from Ancelotti, especially the defenders as they were losing the ball far to quickly to Betis. It certainly worked because the second half was great for Madrid, with Ronaldo hitting the cross bar at 46 mins in.
Cris just looks like hes at a photoshoot no?

Khedira was subbed off at 53 mins after getting injured (hopefully its not serious we need a strong midfield whilst Xabi Alonso is still recovering) and on came Casemiro who made an immediate impact pushing forward. At 68' Di Maria came on for Ozil, and it is clear that Ozil is just not that comfortable on the right wing in comparison to Di Maria who very nearly scored but was stopped by the goal keeper. At 79' Morata came on for Benzema and again had a shot on goal and was called offside too.

However man of the match Isco made all the difference, and scored a beautiful header putting Madrid ahead and he of course celebrated with his Spain team mate Morata and pointed to the beautiful crest, his first goal for Real Madrid, and the first of many more to come!
a bromance to battle with Criska and Serzil
Marcelo joins the party too

The match ended 2-1 thanks to Isco and earned Madrid their first 3 points of the new season! It was a tough match and more work needs to be done but the players all worked hard under the new manager, special mentions got to Marcelo who was attacking and pushing forward up the left wing and being a very key player. Also to Carvajal who handled the role of being in the starting lineup for the first team well, taking over from Arbeloa who was left on the bench, he made a few mistakes but he made some key defending decisions which saved Madrid from conceding anymore goals. As well as the subsitutes Morata and Casemiro, who breathed some much needed life into the game and played extremely well. Ancelotti still has a lot of work to do though he is doing a good job so far and the players seem calmer and happier right?

P.s. Special mention to Sergio Ramos for getting rid of the Miley Cyrus bleach blonde hair and returning to his roots (also some Ramos eye candy at the end of the match)

Real Madrids next match is on August 26th away against Granada! Hala Madrid!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Last match of the 12/13 season!

Its the last match of the 12/13 season! Can you believe it! Its Mous last ever Real Madrid match, it is the end of a era like it or not...
Until the end Mou still the show man and surrounded by a media circus
Pre match moment between Mou and Cristiano in the tunnel (not going to lie I will miss little moments like this) 
Cris encouraging the team in the tunnel 

Heres Cristiano pre match again, he was voted for and won the award for being the healthiest player of the season by fans
And then here are the boys watching the match, Sami, Sergio and Cristiano
Pipitas 100th goal! in the 12/13 season, congrats Gonzalo 
Michael Essiens first and last goal for Madrid 
From a Ozil corner 
And then running to his papa Mou to celebrate 
Benzema celebrating his goal with Pipita 
Callejon celebrating his goal (he didn't kiss the crest though boo) 
And then Mou at the end of the match waving the fans goodbye 
Adios Jose, good luck and most of all gracias 

Marcelo Sunshine and his mini me!

Our favorite ray of sunshine Marcelo is in Brazil at the moment training before the Brazil v England match, and we got to see him and little Enzo being absolutely ADORABLE! 
Hey daddys doing an interview whilst sitting on the ball, I'll show my football skills by kicking the ball away 
Lol my son is hilarious just like me 
Well done Enzo you got it from your papa

Enzo playing with David Luiz hair 
In his interview little Enzo said that he scored five goals whilst his daddy only scored one! 
And then heres Marcelo with his Brazil NT mate Neymar who will be his opponent next season when hes playing with Barca...... 

Ronaldos getting waxy

Posing in your kitchen stripped down and getting measured is all in a average day for Cristiano Ronaldo. He was getting all measured up for a new wax work model of himself for the Madrid Wax Museum 

Ahh what a lovely sight to behold! And just after his visit to Rihannas concert too with Irina Shayk and his family
(In other WAG related news Irina is going to star in the new Hercules movie with none than Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Congrats girl!) 

Friday, 31 May 2013

Bye Mourinho, gracias!

We all knew it was coming, but its here...
Jose Mourinho is going. He left one last message: 
"José Mourinho: "I wish all Real Madrid fans much happiness in the future. I appreciate the support of a lot of the fans and respect the criticism of others. Once again, a lot of happiness to everyone and, above all, good health. Hala Madrid!"

Mesut left this for Mou on his instagram- 

While Sami Khedira left this about Mou on his facebook 
Theres no denying that Mou has done a lot for the players and for the club and for that Madridistas are grateful. Theres been a lot of drama too but lets be positive and heres a little reminder of some of the best of Jose.. Gracias Mourinho! Good luck! 
THAT celebration after Ronaldos goal against Manchester City 

That piggy back celebration with Callejon 
Which Callejon later paid Mou back for with his own piggyback ride! 

And Mou being thrown in the air by the whole Real Madrid team 

13/14 Kit

The new kit was revealed on May 30th, bye bye bwin and hello Emirates (and the $39 million dollars per season for 5 seasons from Emirates making Madrid the worlds most valuable sports team at $3.3 billion) 
What do you think? 
The front looks okay.....

The font on the back however, well lets just not comment on the fact that it is probably comic sans..... 
But however when our boys are altogether you know there will be cheeky moments of bromance 

Along with the various other uploads the boys uploaded onto various social networking sites! 

From Ikers instagram the boys looking very dapper in a suit and tie! 
And from this Iker has told us that he will have I.Casillas on the back of his jersey next season, not that it matters so much none of us will be looking forward to seeing the font, whatever it says. 
Arbeloa left a cheeky comment on Mesuts photo saying "You look like wax, Turk!" Oh these boys and their bromances.... 
Heres Sergio taking a quick squeeze of Cristianos peck (who can blame him really?) 

Aaaand then Cristiano having a squeeze of Ozils peck too and telling Sergio about it
Heres Cristiano trying out a different pose 
Then Ozil trying to be 'g' with his new pose much to Ronaldos amusement
Overall it was a great day for bromances and a sad day for shirt fonts, but lets hope these new shirts for the new season will bring us great success!